Precise Filter

Reliable performance and competitive price
1. Made by transparent ABS and membrance.
2. Effective filtration area:5.0 cm²PES,0.5cm²PTFE.
3. Max operating pressure:3.2 bar ,Gravity Set.
4. Minimum Water Bubble Point:0.15-0.3bar.
5. Operating temperature:5-40℃.
6. Minimum Water Flow Rate:> 500mL/10min at 100cm water head pressure.
7. Priming Volume:<1.4 mL. 8. The inlet and outlet are suitable with Ø3.0*4.1mm tubing.





Flow rate

0.22μm≥100ml/10min , 1.2μm≥500ml/10min, 5μm≥700ml/10min

Filter material


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