Chinese Supplier

As an OEM manufacture , we export Infusion products  with close-to-cost price.

Also we could help our clients to find satisfactory products amoung other Chinese manufactures.

Customized Infuion Set

Infusion set is our traditional items , we have already achieved fully automatic mechanized production. Production capacity reached 150 million pcs per year.

We could customize all kinds of I.V sets according to client’s requirements , components and material could be choosen freely , just send us your requirements on the inquiry chart !

Steps to Work With Us


Find out your interested items in our product page and send us the inquiry sheet.


If you didn't find your desired items, please leave us the message directly in contact page.


We would reply your inquiry in detail and send the samples to your address for confirmation.


Please sign the contract and send deposit for starting bulk production.


We will arrange delivery according to your request and please send the balance payment.


Post - market supervision and after - sale services.

Contact Information

Winmed Chinese Representative 

Shanghai K&G International Co.,Ltd.

Address: 1619 Dalian Rd Shanghai China 


Phone: + 86 21 65791358

Fax: + 86 21 65791338

Winmed Germany Representative


Klapheckstraße 2 

Düsseldorf Germany 40474